Porcelain Temple

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The Eastern world has given a lot to the other parts of the continent a lot of heritage. A lot of important sciences, crafts, religions, arts have appeared from those talented people. If we believe that everything has began with us, from 20 century, we are mistaking greatly.How lovely it would be if you have someone close from your family from who you can learn about some craft, something that you might use in your life as a way impressing your self and if you want, as a way of earning for life. Huan is a young lady who is the only progeny of the biggest porcelain master in China. She arrives in the temple where her great great father worked and wants to find out more about him and about the things he has being creating and they were made of porcelain.Masters in these fields didn\'t share their secrets easily with other people, but Huan\'s great great father has left secret traces so she could manage one day to find out the truth. This place today is called Porcelain temple in the name of her great great father.

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