Gondola Romance

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Venice is believed to be one of the most beautiful places in the world, but also one of the most romantic places too. It amazes with its exceptional architecture and the interesting streets but also the river that passes through the city and the gondolas which are the main mean of transport in this place. The annual carnival is another event that characterizes this city, making the romance even bigger, even more intriguing.Sara is in the romantic Venice together with her fiancé. Actually today is the birthday of her fiance, so she likes to make him a birthday surprise – to organize a long romantic walk with the gondola and a dinner in the most beautiful restaurant in Venice. Actually that is the place with the best view of the surroundings of Venice. While providing this amazing surprise, Sara will have a traditional carnival mask on her face, to make the things even more interesting.However, before the actual surprise, Sara likes to visit the planned locations to make sure that everything will be in perfect order. She knows the places but she likes to take a closer look and make sure that her plans are suitable for the occasion. This is a really nice chance for us to make a tour through Venice too. Together with Sara we will walk through the streets of this amazing city and see its incredible spirit and beauties.

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