Lullaby of Lost Souls

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Lullabies usually remind us of the time when we were very young and our mothers sang us before sleep. Those memories are probably one of the best memories we have but what if something destroys those memories in exchange with fear and insecurity? That is something that no one wishes but those ghosts can be very cruel sometimes.Martha has this rare ability to communicate with ghosts, yes, real ghosts. People call her when they have some troubles with the ghosts and she helps them deal with this kind of a situation. Today, Martha comes to one strange house where, believe it or not, ghosts with their lullaby make all people that come into this house fall asleep. Later, the sleeping people stay in coma for years.The situation is so hard and complicated so that\'s why is here Martha, together with her friends Terry and Ann. They are on a mission to make a contact with the ghosts and ask them to leave from the house and to stop singing this terrible lullaby of the lost souls. Let\'s hope that they could also bring back all those sleeping people.

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