Secrets of the Tides

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We are all aware that the sea hides many things. Not just the things that are part of the sea world, but also things that have been lost by humans. The seawater comes, and it hides everything, but maybe there is a way to find out what is hiding there in the sea depth, or at least close to the coast. Lisa and her friend, the sailor Kenneth, find a secret place in their bay. It is about a wild beach, a place that can only be reached by boat. The two of them know that when it is tide and when the sea recedes, it opens many secrets. During the tide, the sea opens up many valuable objects that can\'t be noticed when the water is there. This seems like a real challenge for Lisa and her friend Kenneth, to search the whole place and see if they can find something valuable. Let\'s search together with them and find some interesting objects that are usually hidden by the sea. This will be a great sea adventure, so let\'s start searching right away before the sea comes again and hides everything.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Adventure



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