Travel Memories

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According to many people, working in the sector of tourism is definitely one of the best jobs. Yes, there are many responsibilities because you travel a lot and you are in charge of big groups of people, but meeting new people and visiting new places is great. Nancy and Steven work in a touristic agency, and they carry out the transportation of tourists to many touristic destinations. Nancy works as a flight attendant, and Steven is a professional driver, which means both of them have very responsible jobs that ask for a lot of commitment and responsibility. But the two of them are aware of that, so they do their job without any problem, that is for sure. And like in any other job, problems come in the tourism sector too. Today, they are in one very beautiful tourist place, but they have a small problem, so they will definitely use some help from us. Let\'s see what is it about and try to help them solve the situation. They are responsible for a group of people as well, which means that there shouldn\'t be any problem, right? Let\'s see what is it about right away.

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