Collectors Society

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And while most of us know to say \'it\'s beautiful or it\'s not,\' when it comes to a certain piece of art or antiquity, there are people who are real professionals in revaluing the value of a certain object. Some of them do this as a regular job while others, who are usually collectors of this kind of objects, are also very familiar with the characteristics that make certain object a piece of art.Linda, David and Mary are collectors of pieces of art. They look for those objects everywhere and many times they help people assess their true value. According to their experience, many times the owners are not aware of the value of the objects they have, but also many times they overestimate the value and believe that some ordinary object costs a lot. Usually the reason for that lies in the claims of certain appraisers who have convinced them in something and after that, it is hard for the people to change their opinion and belief.The three collectors get a permission from the owners of one old abandoned house, to explore the house and check out if there are certain valuable collector\'s objects there.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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