Hidden In The Dark

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What is your favorite music band? Do you follow your favorite band on their tours? Well, Margaret, Joshua, and Donna do that and it\'s not difficult for them to do that. This time they are on their way to the south part of the country. Again, the reason for that is their favorite band. Those huge fans follow their favorite band almost everywhere, on every tour. On their way to the next concert of their favorite band, Margaret, Joshua, and Donna, stop in one small motel, to get some sleep. They weren\'t looking for something luxurious, just a place to take a rest before they continue their trip. However, sometimes things can become complicated, just like that. All of a sudden, some strange things started happening in their room. They feel like there is someone else in the room too, but who can that be? Only the three of them checked in the room... Let\'s see what is happening in the room. Is there really someone in the room? Is he planning to do something scary or he is just kidding with them? We are about to discover very soon.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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