Moonlight Whispers

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Scott had a beautiful house where he lived very happily. However, sometimes there are some unexpected factors that could even expel us from our home… Scott, Lary and Nicole come in Scott’s former house.A few years ago, Scott has moved away from this house because he couldn’t stand the whispers he was hearing very often. It was about ghost whispers that appeared every night on a full moon. Scott loved this house, but this was something he was not able to accept, something that was bothering him, but also it was making him scared.Lary and Nicole, who are Scott’s friends, like to help him. They know how much he loves his former house, so they will do their best, to help him bring his house back. They also hope that they will manage to finally get rid of the ghosts who besides Scott, are making all citizens from the same neighborhood feel scared and nervous.They simply don’t know what to expect and what could happen if those ghosts continue living around them. Let’s see what happens in Scott’s former house and see if we can also help him feel safe in his home, once for all.

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