Unmarked Crossroad

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Sometimes people are prepared to do many things, just to get to bigger power, in any sense of the word. And in some situations, someone could even go for the witches’ power, at least if you are a wizard… but let’s start from the beginning.The wizard Larry and his assistant Helen some in the place that is known as the crossroad of the witches. There is something about this place that usually scares people, but not Larry and Helen, who are prepared to go all the way. They decide to continue their walk, going on the unmarked road that actually leads to the castle that belongs to the witches.The wizard and his assistant hope that there, in the castle, they will find all the magical objects that give power to the witches. They believe that they could also gain some power in the same way, so they are willing to get to their point.Let’s see what will happen next in this magical adventure and help the wizard Larry and his assistant Helen find what they want, without getting into bigger trouble.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Mystery



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