Summer Sunset

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Henry, after more than five years, visits the place where he was born, including the actual house where he was born. Henry comes from a wonderful small town and his house is located at the end of the town. That is actually the last house in the town, placed in wonderful nature. This town might be small but it is definitely very beautiful place that has to offer a lot.This is the place where Henry was born and spent certain period from his life but however, besides the old house, this place hides an old but not forgotten love. There were many beautiful moments between Henry and one girl from the town and it seems that this thing between them wasn\'t something transient. After many years, Henry meets Tina who is actually the love of his life. No matter how much time has passed, their love has flared up once again. Henry invites Tina in his house, to watch together the wonderful summer sunset. Henry expects this night to be a special night for them, full of magnificent moments together, that will revoke their memories and develop new ones.As we mentioned before, Henry\'s house is rather old house so until Tina has not arrived yet, he has to prepare everything. Henry will have to clean a little, but also he has to get rid of certain unnecessary objects, so everything would be perfect for the special night. Let\'s help those two have the night of their lives.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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