Fragments of Fear

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Timothy, Amy and Sharon are three students who study criminology. They always wanted to bring juice when it comes to criminal cases, so they have chosen this rather complicated field of study, hopping that they will make the world better place for living.However, the three girls are still in the part of their education when they are more directed to learning the theory but they hardly wait to apply their knowledge to practice. That’s why they decide to take a real case and solve something that stays unsolved for a while. The three students decide to visit the house that is now closed because of the multiple murder that happened there, few years ago.The Adams family lived in this house and one night, an unknown murderer came into the family house and killed the married couple. Even though years have passed, no-one managed to solve the case completely, so the three students believe that this is a good opportunity to prove themselves in the actual field of criminology. Now let’s see what was going on in the house of the Adams family and try to help the girls solve this delicate criminal case.

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