Riddle of the River

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The adventurers Amy and Gary are sailing with their boat through the flow of the river Parway. There are many stories about this river. Actually, the stories were the inspiration for the two young adventurers to start this interesting journey, willing to see something new. But also, they will be happy if they find something valuable on their way, but let\'s start from the beginning. As the legend says, there is a place along the river that hides many valuable objects, that date from the time of the civil war. Those objects are hidden, but there is also one more thing related to the river. The river hides the riddle that will help them find the valuable objects, but Amy and Gary are determined to solve the riddle of the river and to be witnesses of something new, something that wasn\'t found by anyone before. And that is very important for people like Amy and Gary, who live for moments like this. Let\'s help them in their mission and make sure they solve the river and find those objects.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Adventure



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