Secret Gold

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Philip is an adventurer that is always prepared to travel around the world, to discover new things and new truths. When he hears a good story, something he believes it\'s worth searching for, he gets to that point, willing to discover something new. It is like that this time too, so let\'s find out what Philip\'s adventure is about this time. The adventurer Philip comes to Egypt with one single aim - to discover the secret gold that once belonged to the wife of the Pharaoh. Now, this treasure is somewhere under the ruins in Egypt, or that\'s what the legend says. If this was completely true, probably someone would have found it already, right? But Philip believes in the legend, he believes that the gold really exists, so he will try to find it.Let\'s dig into the ruins together with our adventurer Philip and try to help him in his mission. If we really find gold, we will be a part of a huge and important discovery, something no one has discovered before. You may guess how big this discovery will be, so let\'s get to work right away.

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