Unknown Princess

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When we hear stories about princesses, we are used for them to be stories about perfect destinies. But before the perfect destiny fulfils, usually there is something bad happening, something that threatens the life of the princes. We are not sure if it was like that for the real princesses, but those in the stories are definitely facing strange situations.Now meet Ahmed.He arrives in one small city in the south part of Persia with one particular aim. He is looking for the princess that has been stolen from the kingdom when she was just a baby and no one is sure where she lives now. Ahmed is prepared to search the whole city and find out if she really lives there. Does someone keep her imprisoned, or she lives here in disguise?! Is she all right?Those are the questions that Ahmed has in his head and many others, but he believes that very soon he will solve the mystery about the stolen princess. Let’s search together through this city and help Ahmed find the princess, bring her back home and also bring happiness to her family.

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