Secret Time Portal

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Each one of us has sometimes thought about time travel. We are aware that time travel is not something that is reachable for us but at least we could always consider the possibility: what if….? What if we could travel to the past and change things, what if we travel to the future and see what expects us, what if we are able to see some important happening from the history... and so on.Well, it seems that Patricia will have the chance to experience something like this. Namely, now she arrives at the darkest village on the earth after discovering some interesting information about it. Namely, every 100 years on this day, opens a secret portal that allows you to travel through the time.Patricia uses this chance and traveling through the time she meets the famous wizard Thomas. They together have a task to find the objects that belong to their time, to avoid confusion between people that live in different time periods. Check out this time portal and see what could happen if we really try time travel.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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