Wildlife Adventure

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Christopher loves riding a bicycle. He uses his bicycle as an everyday vehicle that takes him anywhere he wants but also, he uses it for recreation, riding on places that are not that easy for reaching. Today Christopher has decided to go on one unusual adventure. Namely, he, together with hi bicycle, will visit the national park that is located near his place.And even though there are places in this park that are everyday visited by tourists and local citizens, Christopher decided this time to go in the part that is not visited that often.Riding through the national park, Christopher suddenly realizes that some other cyclist was here before him. As he could notice, the other cyclist had an accident but he is not at the place of the accident anymore. Christopher would like to find the lost cyclist and offer him some help. Since this part is not visited that often, there is hardly a chance the someone else took the cyclist on a safe place so Christopher will do his best to find the person that had the accident.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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