Protector of the Realm

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In our time, there are almost no kingdoms. But, we\'ve all heard about the brave men from the past granted by an honorary title of knighthood, always prepared to guard their Kingdome, always choosing to do what is best for their king and queen. Have you ever dreamed of becoming a knight and save your realm? This game puts you in such a role. Today, we join a brave knight and explore what he can bring to bear against the foes with your help.Grace is one of the bravest knights and the most favored knights in the Kingdome whose only duty is to protect the inhabitants from various tyrannies. She is very well trained but also very smart, observing things strategically. She keeps the Kingdome safe and defend it from all kinds of offenders.Grace is now on a mission to find the spy that has been infiltrated into the King\'s castle. As Protector of the Realm she cannot tolerate treachery to the Crown. This might be a job that will ask for a lot of effort but Grace is prepared to do everything for her King and the Kingdome. It\'s time for her to assume her responsibilities as protector of the realm. Let\'s save the King!

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