Secrets in the Sand

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We could never know what is hidden deep in the ground or the sand. But that is not a complete mistery because there are persons whose profession is to dig into the depths and search for different objects and artifacts. We are talking about the archeologists who thanks to their findings explain us what has happened in the past, but they also try to predict what will happen in the future.Butau is not an archeologist but a young Egyptian who all of a sudden discovers a secret tomb. This tomb maybe wasn\'t secret but somehow this tomb stayed hidden in the sand for hundreds of years. Butau is actually the first person who enters into this tomb so it is logical that he is so curious to find out whose is it, who is buried there. For his big surprise, the young men finds out that this tomb belonged to the great Ramses The Third. And the surprise became even bigger when he saw the ghost that belonged to Asmatarta, the wife of Ramses The Third.The ghost leads Butau through the passages of the tomb and she even promises him that she will allow him to take whatever he likes if he fulfills one condition – to manage to answer few really difficult riddles. Let\'s see if Butau will leave the place with empty hands or he will come out with something important.

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