Smugglers Voyage

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Considered to be a symbol of wealth and status, antiquities and artifacts are smuggled across borders, trading hands illegally, often using falsified documents, just to be auctioned off and sold to some of the world\'s most-visited museums or ultra-rich private collectors, robbing the nation of origin of its legacy. It is for these reasons that smuggling artifacts is a serious crime. Some people may not consider themselves being such big criminals, but the truth is that they may be committing bigger crimes than stealing ordinary everyday items if there is a way to measure the seriousness of crimes. Detective Jason works exactly on a crime case of this type. This time he is on a mission to discover the illegal transport of valuable artifacts hidden in a cargo ship heading from America to Africa. He is on the ship where he has to track down the smugglers and confirm all suspicions about illegal transport.His investigation has just started, so let\'s help him.

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