Midnight Robbery

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The detectives Adam and Julie, together with the policeman Nathan, have been called by the director of the bank because there has been a robbery in the bank. Exactly at midnight, during guard shifts, someone managed to rob the bank. Now the detectives are here to find out who is responsible for the robbery. The culprits of the robbery can be searched everywhere. Maybe it\'s a well-equipped team of thieves who operate around the city and who seem to know their job very well. On the other hand, perhaps the thief should be sought among the employees. Those who work in the bank know best all the places where the money is kept, they know all the paths leading to the safes, and of course, the guards are the ones who know this best. However, the policemen and the detectives can\'t rely on assumptions. They work with facts, with real evidence that is a result of a detailed investigation. We can help Adam, Julie and Nathaniel search the place of the crime scene, hoping that we will be able to help them find the thieves.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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