Curious Clues

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Laura, Gary, and Emma are three police officers who know their job well. They have worked on numerous cases and they are \"doctors\" for street thieves. The police officers are familiar with the way those thieves think, thanks to their long-term experience, and they can catch anyone who threatens the safety of the people. Today, the three police officers have a new task ahead of them. There is talk of street thieves again, so the police are sure of what they are doing. Laura, Gary, and Emma, following one of the street thieves, arrived in a part of the city, and just when they think that they will catch the thieves who are following them, they mysteriously disappear. It is not clear to the policemen how this happens, they are expected to follow them very closely. Laura, Gary, and Emma are curious to find out where the thieves are hiding. Do you want to find out if this place is the place where the thieves meet and hide the stolen items? Let\'s join this interesting mission and see what is happening in that quarter.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Mystery



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