Stranger in Ghostland

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Last night Lisa had a rather strange dream, a dream that made her feel little bit upset, or maybe little bit more... Namely, last night Lisa dreamed her grandfather who is dead. He came into her dream and told her that there is some property, known as the Ghostland. On this property, certain Margaret keeps captured the ghost of the late grandfather and he can\'t escape from there. This Margaret is also a ghost that imprisons all the other ghosts and she doesn\'t let them leave and find their peace. Lisa\'s grandfather was so desperate, wandering around Ghostland, so he decided to ask for some help from his granddaughter, so now Lisa has come into Ghostland, looking for a solution for the whole situation. She doesn\'t like her grandfather to be stuck there, and she will do everything that she needs to make his ghost calm. But then again, Ghostland is the place where the ghost Margaret lives and she won\'t quit just like that. Lisa has to fulfill Margaret\'s requirements if she likes her grandfather\'s ghost to be set free.

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