Let the Game Begin

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Scouting is one of the best activities and philosophies, way of life, that a child can do and learn. Spending time with people who love nature, who can teach children how to manage a day or situation, how to get along with the unknown, with environment itself. Nature unfortunately sometimes can be unpredictable, as well. And even then, we should know how to fight with it and how to get along.And even in scouting there are levels and squads that should people achieve. But, the best of all is the friendship that is created. People who were children scouts usually stay friends for a lifetime. Lauren and Megan are leaders of a team of adventurers who are scouts and are competing to the year competition for scouts. The venue is happening regularly at a mountain near their city.Their task is to find the needed objects, to get the orientation in the space and to arrive at the certain location. So put your scout uniform, take up arms of enthusiasm and enter the game. It is going to be fun, that\'s for sure!

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Adventure



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