Vampire Village

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Allar is an old vampire from the village of Bridgeholm. And since the vampires in the stories are usually hiding from people, feeling threatened by them, this village is a place where the vampires live without being exiled. But it is not about the people they are sharing their lives with. It is about the Amulets they wear that stop them from sucking blood. When they wear the amulets, they are completely the same as the other people, and everything functions just perfectly. One night, the Amulets disappeared. They are lost somewhere in the village, and no one can find them now. It is the first time something like this happens and the old and respected vampire Allar takes the duty to find the Amulets. He has to find them before sunrise to stop the vampires from being exiled. You can realize that the old vampire has a very responsible job in front of him. Let\'s help him find the precious Amulets, so everything can be as it was before. That way no one will be threatened, and life in the village of Bridgeholm will be nice and peaceful.

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