Airplane Mission

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Amy is a detective. We have to admit that her job is rather stressful because she deals with criminals every day. She invests a lot of energy and knowledge to get into trace each one of them, and hopefully, solve all the cases. Amy\'s profession includes one aspect that seems very interesting to some people, but it is equally responsible as the other aspects of her job. That is working undercover. From time to time, Amy has to \"pretend\" to be someone else to get into trace the criminals without being noticed. Amy\'s last case includes working undercover. She is on an undercover mission, disguised as a flight attendant. Her mission is to find a secret organization that plans to kidnap the plane. The members of this organization communicate with each other by using riddles, so Amy\'s concrete task is to solve the riddles and find the correct answers. Only that way she can discover the plan of the secret organization. It will be a very interesting, but at the same time, very challenging and responsible case. Let\'s help Amy finish her job.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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