Sunset Cruising

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When we love someone, we try to do anything possible to make them happy, make them enjoy, feel good and relaxed. We think of interesting ways to surprise them, find little things and gestures that will leave the beloved people breathless. Sometimes very little things make us happy, make us feel wonderful and love our lives. People have such nature. We dream big dreams, but actually enjoy small things.And what is romantic for one person is not for someone else. Some lady might be happy with a diamond ring, other maybe enjoys nice little dinner by some river under the moon and open air. In today game we introduce you to this romantic guy named Larry.He is in front of a romantic mission. He wants to prepare a surprise to his fiancee with one cruising of a luxury yacht on the sunset. Larry has prepared few gifts for his fiancee, but they are hidden somewhere on the yacht. Larry is here together with his friends and they have only few minutes to get ready before his fiancee comes. You come on board our player. We are perfectly sure that you would love to help this romantic person make his future wife the happiest wife that lives on Earth.

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