Castle of Wisdom

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The wizard named Merlin is probably the most famous wizard ever. Merlin the Magician is known by his perfection in magic because he had many magical powers, as well as the power of shapeshifting. He is also famous in mythology as a tutor and mentor of the legendary King Arthur, eventually guiding him on the way of becoming the king of Camelot.Princess Margaret and the knight Paul, together with their lieges, arrive in the so-called Castle of wisdom. According to the legend, the Castle of wisdom is the place where the famous wizard Merlin lived before. And since he lived there, it is supposed that he has left something behind, something useful, even valuable.Lead by this legend, the king has ordered the princes, the knight and the lieges, to find the ingredients that were used by the great Merlin for getting his power and wisdom. We can’t be sure that someone could use certain ingredients for getting a wisdom but that is what the king believes. He likes to get same power as the wizard so since now everyone is at the place, the search for the magical objects may begin right away.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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