Missing Musician

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Cases of missing people are always complicated because there are too many open options that need to be explored. Police and detectives must investigate many aspects when solving such cases. On the one hand, there is the option that this person disappeared on purpose, that is, he is hiding from someone, but it is also possible that he was kidnapped by someone else or even killed. It must be taken into account and work in parallel, to avoid possible accidents. It\'s a new missing person case for Detective Tyler. Detective Tyler visits the studio of the famous musician Samuel. Samuel has been missing for several weeks and no one knows anything about it. Tyler believes that the truth is hidden right in his studio, which is where he spends most of his time. Tyler comes here to find the evidence and discover the truth about Samuel. Let\'s go to the studio with the detective and explore the whole place with him. Surely, we will find some traces and evidence that will give us an answer to the question of what happened to the musician.

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