Fairest of All

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The beauty seems to be one of the most powerful things in the world. So many things are done for love and because of love, sometimes good things but sometimes bad things. The stories usually talk about the most beautiful girl in the kingdom, wars started because of the most beautiful girl, and so on. Even though everyone admires beauty, it looks like the women are more concerned about it.The prestige that comes with the bigger beauty is something that has made people invent so many different products, like clothes, cosmetics, jewelry; products that could help accentuate the beauty and stress what is best in people, especially women.The princess Lori, led by the story about one of the most beautiful queens in the world, came to the place where this queen supposedly lived many years ago. Lori followed this legend together with her brother and they both know that according to the legend, this queen used some secret ingredients that helped her maintain her own beauty. Lori is curious to find those secret ingredients and see how they work.

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