Professional Trackers

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Unfortunately, sometimes overestimate our capabilities and try to do something beyond our capabilities. It is good to push ourselves a little bit harder, but it\'s not good to put ourselves in danger. That\'s what a group of young adventurers did this time. One week ago, this group of young adventurers with no previous experience came to the island Malargan. They wanted to explore this island, but now they are lost. No one has been able to contact them in the last few days, and it seems that they are in real danger. Malargan is an island where still can be found indigenous tribes, prepared to do everything to defend their territory. Benjamin and Angela came to the island Malargan, so they could find out what happened to those young people. They are professional trackers on a mission to find the group of adventurers on this dangerous island. They will have to explore the whole place and see if they could find a trace that will lead them to the lost group. We hope that they will find them before anything seriously threatening happens to them.

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