Travel to the Unknown

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We have to agree that traveling is one of the activities that makes us most happy. It is something that relaxes us and sets us into another, new, environment that could inspire new feelings in us, even wake up new points of view. That\'s why every travel is a blessing, so don\'t waste any chance to go somewhere and see new things.That\'s what Carolyn did. She hardly waits to pick up her prize, the prize that she won from one touristic agency. Namely, her win is a travel to an unknown destination. The agency knows where this destination is but it keeps this information as a surprise for Carolyn, until the moment when the travel to the unknown will actually start.Even though Carolyn doesn\'t have a clue where will she spend her weekend, she is so excited. She hardly waits for this journey to start, feeling so enthusiastic because this is her first time to travel this way. We could also take a sneak peek and find out where this girl is going. Maybe this place could offer us an inspiration for out next journey.

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