Vampire gold

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Maybe we don’t believe in vampires, or some people are supply scared of them but the three characters of our game for today surely have enough courage to visit one unusual place. Ashley, Donna and Edward arrive at the property that belongs to last real vampire, the vampire Eric. Maybe you didn’t know, but yes, there is one more vampire, living on the earth. And why are those three there? We will see just now.We can’t be sure about all the habits of this vampire but one thing is for sure. Namely, the vampire Eric often sneaks out in late hours, in the houses of the regular people. Is not that he is hurting them or so, but he is stealing their valuable objects. No one could explain why the vampire has this kind of an obsession but he is really passionate about it. Besides all the valuable objects, vampire Eric is especially fond of gold and he keeps that gold somewhere on his property.The three friends today have a task to find the gold that vampire Eric has stolen from the ordinary people.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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