Beautiful Evening

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Sara and Austin are in a relationship for a longer time. They love each other very much, but Austin is the kind of person that loves to show his love in public and make little love spectacles for his loved one, so everyone says that he is madly in love with his girlfriend. Austin uses every free time to prepare some romantic event for his girlfriend. Sometimes it is even without any particular occasion, but this time they have a special event. Today it\'s Sara\'s birthday, and for this day, he has decided to rent a romantic villa outside the city. He likes to surprise Sara and make something unique for her, so she will remember it forever. Austin likes Sara to know that she is special to him and she deserves everything best. Now let\'s see this beautiful villa and find out what will happen on this special day. We are sure they will have a great time, but maybe Austin will need some help with his surprise, so let\'s help him finish his idea in the best way possible.

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