Forbidden Village

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Here at hidden4fun we can\'t get enough of forbidden and cursed places, can we? It\'s what brings us all together, a mysterious passion we share to explore the hidden secrets of those places that none of us can really quite explain... There are some places that visitors are not granted access to and in some cases, extreme measures of security are integrated to make sure no one unsolicited enters.Today\'s story takes us to the incredible setting of a forbidden village. We are here because old dwarf Bofus needs our help. He is in an unenviable situation. His family is very poor and they are in desperate need of gold in order to survive. As a head of the family, Bofus decides that he should travel to the forbidden village where there are many hidden objects and find the gold to save his family from suffering.But, everything is not as it seems. The abandoned village carries many secrets. The biggest problem is that some of the hidden objects are cursed and they can only harm him and his family even more. Bofus must carefully select the objects that he will take.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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