Frosted Shadow

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Meet Anna, a real queen, or more precisely, a Siberian queen. Maybe the queen’s live is glamorous and so but also there are some things that are not that pleasant… There are things that need to be done secretly because queen’s life could be in danger many times, according to the circumstances…This time the Siberian queen needs to be moved from the royal palace in the house where her grandfather lived. All of that needs to be done in the utmost secrecy, being extremely careful. Together with the queen are her two companions, Sandra and Olivia. In the middle of the night, they have to pass through the place where the Ghost of the frozen forest lives and you may guess that this is not such a nice place.It is quite sure that the queen will need our help to finish her mission and get to her grandfather’s house safely. This is very important thing and needs to be done in secret, you are aware of that. Let’s help the queen, without wasting any more time, having in mind that her safety is the most important thing.

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