Magic Herbs

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Emily is a girl that lives in the village. And we all know that there are many people who think that the life in the village is very difficult, but Emily doesn\'t take it that way. She simply adores living in the village because she really appreciates the clean and healthy environment, but she is also a person who knows a lot about the healing powers of the herbs that could be found near the place where she lives.From time to time, Emily knows to spend hours and hours in the close forest and look for some medicinal herbs. She recognizes them easily and treats them properly in order to keep her body healthy or help other people heal or maintain general wellbeing. Today Emily has to find some very rare herbs, recognized by the people as magical herbs, because of their healing powers. She will search in the surrounding area, next to her village, and see if she will find them easily. We may help her and learn something more about the healing powers of these magical herbs. Do you accept the challenge?

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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