Masters of fear

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Have you ever heard about such a thing like master of fear? You wonder what does it mean? Well, probably you didn’t have a bigger problem with fear because if it was the other way, you will definitely ask for their help. Now you will learn something more about those masters.Meet Betty, Brian and Lisa, true masters of fear. Those three brave guys go from place to place, meeting numerous people who have problems with fear. They help those people face with their fears and beat them once for all. Today Betty, Brian and Lisa have another case that needs to be solved. The three of them arrive to a house whose owners have decided to leave it. The reason for this decision are the paranormal activities that happen there, activities that start happening more and more often. The owners of the house become really scared and upset and they don’t like spending their lives in constant fear. The decided to give the house a last chance so they called the masters of fear to help them somehow.Let’s see together how will they solve the situation.

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