Crime in Paradise

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Margaret and Daniel are two very experienced detectives. Some people will say that they have the perfect place for work because they work in one famous resort on the south coast. Many tourists, wonderful beaches, sun, water – that sounds like a perfect place to be during the summer. However, all those beautiful things do not keep the criminals away, but it is completely the opposite.During the summer period, the criminals like to be where there are many people and that\'s why Margaret and Daniel have so much work to do during the summer. Actually, the two detectives have a lot of experience with the criminal that happens during the summer period, when the place is full of tourists.Today they are working on a particular case that includes a murder of the owner of one of the most expensive yachts in this resort. The motives for this murder could be numerous but the detectives will try their best to follow the right traces and find out who is responsible for the murder. That way the tourists will be safe and enjoy their holiday.

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