Air Detectives

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Sharon and Jason are two detectives. Being a detective is not an ordinary job at first, but the specialization of these two detectives is even more specific. Namely, the detectives Sharon and Jason have specialized in air traffic crime. They have solved many cases and they are known as air detectives. Air traffic crime is a very complicated field of interest because together with the actual crime that has happened in the air, they have to be careful about the laws that rule in that area, having in mind that the planes pass from one territory to another, and other similar things that could make things even more difficult. They deal with regular robberies that happen in the air, smuggling different things, murders, but also with terrorists\' threats. Flight 408 has changed the course of its flight and after that, it was forced to land at the closest airport, even though it wasn\'t its next stop. This is exactly what our air detectives deal with while they are at work, so they arrive at the airport right away.

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