Secrets of the World

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Nature has many secrets, many things that stay hidden for us, no matter how hard we try to believe that we are able to take control over everything. There are places that are not reachable, animals and herbs that will always be a mystery for us.Angela and Larry, together with their friends, came to one particular place. It is supposed that here can be found the rarest herb that has most powerful healing properties. They don\'t know many details about the herb, but they believe that it is worth trying to find it. Actually, they have to find out what is that herb and where is the exact location where it can be found. No matter how long this search will last, we will definitely enjoy our stay in nature.This will be a great adventure for Angela, Larry and their friends, but we will also have fun searching this interesting place. We believe that we will find the special herb but even if we don\'t find it, this area is so beautiful, offers so many good things, that we will definitely have benefits from our walk.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Adventure



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