Chinatown Secrets

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The two detectives, Mark and Mary, arrive in Chinatown. The reason why they are here is to uncover the secrets of this district of the city. At first sight, everything looks just fine. It is a crowdy but safe place - that\'s what it looks like, but the truth always lies deeper than the obvious. Mаrk and Mary are investigating about illegal smuggling of valuable artifacts that come illegally from China to the black market in the USA. Those objects are smuggled, which means that usually, they cannot prove their origin, there is not a document that comes with them that gives information about the owner of that objects or similar things, so you can never know if they are stolen, given, or offered for sale. The job of the detectives will be very hard because usually there are so many people involved in the black market, but they believe that they will start from the right point that will take them on the right path.Let\'s start the investigation and see what will happen.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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