The Wishes Of Zeus

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We can\'t know how was the life of ordinary people in the time of the Gods. We have heard many stories about the Supreme God Zeus, presented as an older man with lighting in his hands, who was the god of the sky in ancient Greek mythology, and his wife Hera, but there are not many stories about the ordinary people who lived in that time. Were the Gods their supreme leaders? Did people follow their orders at any time? Basilia has been sent by the chief Greek deity, Zeus, to finish one important task and with that, to fulfill his wishes. Namely, Basilia, together with her friend Desdemona, is in a search for some objects, wanted by the God Zeus. The two girls take the responsibility for this and they will do their best, to find the objects. Let\'s see where could these objects be and try to find them, together with our two girls. Will will see what are the Gods searching for and what is important for them.Are this search and fulfilling God\'s wishes worth the effort? We are about to discover very soon.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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