Portal To Dreamland

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Have you ever heard about a dreamland? Land of your dreams, or someone else\'s dreams. That is surely an unusual place where strange things happen, just like in your dreams, but how can you go there, in this place?Alexis and Philip are the ones who have found the portal that leads to Dreamland. they are not here for no reason. They have a concrete task that needs to be fulfilled. Alexis and Philip need to find all the magical objects from this land, but also to find the valuable golden coins that are hidden somewhere around. Let\'s see together what does this place offers and what can be found in Dreamland. Does it fulfill your dreams or not? Let\'s help our characters in their search and help them find what they need. Their mission might be a little bit hard because they are searching in a new, unknown place, but we are sure that together you will manage to find what they need. Have a nice stay in Dreamland, but don\'t forget that you will have to come back to your reality, because that is the place where we always come back, right?meta : Play the free online hidden object game Evil Eyes.Alexis and Philip were in search of the Portal to Dreamland. They want to find all of the magical items of that land.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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