Precious Treasure

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No matter what skill level you\'re at in photography, it\'s often helpful to take a break and spark the creative process for building original ideas. Martha is not a professional photographer, but just a hobbyist. She started off being in love with photography. She is taking pictures of everything and anything, but is always searching for new inspiration.The good news is that photography is one of these art forms that is constantly evolving. Every day there is some new technique, new gear or even new post-processing style that seems to be quite the rage. Recently Martha found a new way to stay inspired with her photography. She has found the national museum and is soon to become her new obsession. Sure, everyone goes to museums for inspiration or to be wowed by amazing artwork. But, she isn`t here just to photograph the paintings or sculptures.Today she enters the national museum and is fascinated by the sight in front of her camera lenses. There are many valuable and priceless items and exhibits. Martha begins to explore the place and to take pictures. Let\'s join her in this little adventure.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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