Circus Mystery

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Martha is one of the workers in the puppet circus. She has been working in this circus for a long time, and every day is a new challenge for her because this job involves a lot of traveling and performing in front of different audiences every day. But this job goes together with many responsibilities as well. In the circus, some props are used constantly. After the end of the performance, all these props are collected and put in their place, so that they can be used the next day.What is happening to Martha today has never happened to anyone before. Namely, she is now facing a serious problem that can greatly affect her work. The props for tonight\'s show have been missing. It seems like the props have fallen into the ground, and the question is how will the evening show be held without all those props. Martha has to do her best to find the props. Let\'s help her with her search, and let\'s hope that she can have a nice show tonight, like every other evening.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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