Wrong Decision

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The limits of the criminal minds are actually very wide. It is surprising what criminals are able to do, in order to get what they want. And since there isn’t such a scheme that could be followed, many criminals stay free, making new crimes and making the work of the authorities a real nightmare. Not to mention the victims who are the ones who feel so helpless and desperate.The three detectives Charles, Sandra and Margaret work on a case about stolen gold. A big amount of gold was stolen from one of the most famous stores for gold and jewelry in the city. The detectives and the police officers are following certain traces, trying to get to the thieves. The evidences they have found so far, lead them to one small auto mechanic workshop, located at the very exit from the city.Let’s see if the detectives will be able to find the stolen gold, including the persons who are responsible for the robbery. Follow the traces and you could also help in the investigation, acting like a real professional.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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