Medical Thesis

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Kevin is a very ambitious medical student. He likes to become a real professional one day, so he studies a lot and he takes his studies very seriously. Actually, that is how every medical student should be because the doctors are dealing with a very serious matter and many times they will be in a situation when a human life depends on their actions.So, Kevin at the moment is collecting all sorts of public data from hospitals. He wants to create his medical thesis from the data he collects, based on the actual praxis, which is very good. Today Kevin is visiting a hospital in his city where he plans on documenting how the daily operations go in order to complete his medical thesis. He likes to see everything in person, so his thesis will be authentic, not just speculation about something. This means that we are part of a serious job, so let\'s see what is going on in the local hospital. It is quite sure that we will learn something about medicine, even if we don\'t have any knowledge about it. Let\'s help Kevin with his thesis.

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