Family Ghost

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The two sisters, Judith and Megan, together with their brother Ethan, have an old abandoned house that belongs to their family. Many generations of their family lived in that house but at the moments, the house is empty, or at least it seems that is empty… Namely, Judith, Megan and Ethan suspect that might be someone still living in that place and by someone, they don’t mean a living person but something else – a ghost!As they think, since this house was home for different people from many generations, it won’t be that strange if some ghost stayed to live here, in this house. Judith, Megan and Ethan actually don’t feel threat from the ghost that might be living in the old abandoned house, so they are here to find out something more about it.They are at the place, and they will search around so they could see if there is really a ghost wondering around the house and if that’s true, whose ghost it is? Don’t feel afraid to take part in this interesting adventure and check out what is going on in this house.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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