Grandmas Birthday

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We all know that the parents are the main persons in children\'s lives and after that when they grow up, in their lives as adults but grandparents are also very special. The reasons for that should not be especially explained because almost all of us have felt this wonderful connection with the grandparents. They love their grandchildren unconditionally and since they are relatively free from the responsibilities about the children, or at least they are not their primary dedication and responsibility, they are free to enjoy the funny part about raising children like playing, going on walks, even spoiling.Tara loves her grandma very much. She was an important part from her childhood and she has shared so many beautiful moments with her, so that\'s why she loves her and respects her very much. Today is Tara\'s grandmother\'s birthday, so she likes to surprise her with a nice birthday party.Tara has all planned but while organizing the whole thing and decorating the yard and the house, she has lost the six presents that were prepared by her during the whole year!

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