Test of Courage

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Unfortunately, there are statistics that prove that in most of the cases of a murder of women who are married, the husband is the one that has actually committed this murder. They name him as the primary suspect, just because of those statistics, but that doesn\'t mean that women should be afraid of their husbands. Those are conflicted situations, according to the psychiatrists, happen when the men wish to leave the relationship, but unknowingly see themselves as too helpless to do so.That culminates into a conviction that killing the wife is the only way to be free of her. Wow! That could be the explanation for the Richard\'s case. Namely, this man is the main suspect for the murder of his wife. Namely, the friends of his wife are truly convinced that he is the murderer so they arrive in the Richard\'s house, looking for some traces.More precisely, it is about Patricia who was a very close friend with now late Richard\'s wife, and her friends Andrew and Carol. Patricia has decided to do everything she can, including collecting evidences on her own, in order to prove that Richard is the murderer.

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